Towards Repose

Artist: FortWhyte Farms (Jody, Ahmed, Sharon, Elexsis, Ali, Alicia, Nyriee, Mawata, Kayleen, and Nathan) with Natasha Halayda.
Program: Youth WITH ART
Location: FortWhyte Farms, 1961 McCreary Road
Medium: Found materials, cement, wood, upholstery, resin, glass, feathers, paint, macramé, rope and tires
Date: 2020


Towards Repose is a process-based collaborative installation that added temporary comforts to FortWhyte Farm. Multi-media artist Natasha Halayda explored all sorts of media, including rope, wood, cement, resin, paint, textiles, and tractor tires with the youth who work at this social enterprise. In collaboration with Indigenous artist Val Vint, they centred their work around the Indigenous traditional learning garden. Each piece was meant to support the moments people live and share at the farm. Towards Repose was celebrated with an intimate masked outdoor gathering of the youth and artists on October 24.

Artist Biography

Natasha Halayda is a visual artist and crafter. Her interdisciplinary practice prioritizes message over media, drawing on a range of painting, assemblage, installation, and sculpture. Along with her BFA, she studied art and world history which informs her artmaking and interest in contemplation of the human condition. She has worked extensively as an art instructor for community youth centres including Graffiti Art Programming and Art City, as well as in the schools teaching recycle-build, animation, video, jewellery design, and drawing.

FortWhyte Farms partners with high schools and youth-serving organizations to bring young people into nature to learn about food, farming, health and wellness. FortWhyte Farms bridges communities, creates learning and employment opportunities for youth, and grows healthy food for our community. As a social enterprise, the bottom line goes beyond financial gain to include social and economic benefits that impact the lives of individuals, families, and communities. 

Gallery: Towards Repose at FortWhyte Farms

Gallery: Creation process on the Farm


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