Cre8ery Gallery & Studio: Odds n' Ends Members Showcase, Submission Deadline June 30

Odds n' Ends: Members Showcase 2023

Submission Call Deadline: June 30, 2022

Main Gallery January 18 & 19 set up-cre8ery will be closed to public

Opening Reception (TBD due to Covid) January 20 to January 31, 2023

Drop off dates January 2023: January 12, 13, 14, 11am to 5pm

Pick up date: January 31, 2023 between 3pm – 6pm.

PDF File is here for printing and downloading.

Terms of application:

  1. Open to all cre8ery members provided they are members at the time of application deadline June 30 and when exhibition is on in January 2023.
  2. 1 Artwork per member: must be for sale.
  3. Size of artwork, including frame, if framed is 24" x 24".
  4. No substitutions of artworks can be made following submission being received.
  5. 30% of price will be retained by gallery, 70% of the price submitted will be paid to artist
  6. Gallery does not add taxes to the price but does submit 5% GST from the gallery commission to the CRA.
  7. Any artwork not dropped off at the time of drop off will be excluded from the exhibition.
  8. Minimum number of artists in exhibition: 30.
  9. A digital copy of the invitation will be emailed to each artist to send out or print for promotional use.

Apply via email:

  1. Use the subject line of email "Odds n'Ends"
  2. Submit label information in the body of the email, please do not use attachments.
  3. Submit a jpeg image of the artwork
  4. $15 fee per artist to be paid at the time of application via email transfer, cash or debit.
  5. Please sign a copy of this form, return to the gallery, and keep a copy for your records.

A digital e-invite jpeg will be made for this exhibition for artists to distribute via email, social media, and for print by artist if so desired.

Artist Name:______________________________________________________

Title of artwork: ___________________________________________________


Value: ___________________________________________________________

Phone Number: ________________________________ Email ________________________________

Instagram Name________________________________

Signature to Confirm contract details_______________________________________.

For office use

payment received on_____________. Artwork dropped off ____________.

payment method ________________. Artwork picked up______________.