Winnipeg's Contemporary Dancers: in between here and now, for camera, June 10 - July 3

in between here and now, for camera
June 10 - July 3, 2022
online presentation

We are thrilled to offer WCD's latest work, in between here and now online!
Created as a "for camera" rendition.
Available to view at your convenience, June 10-26! Please join us online!
Tickets $15. Link to purchase:

Visually abstract, personally reflective, and complexly spun. Featuring spectacular dancers and collaborations.

Choreography: Jolene Bailie

Dancers : Julious Gambalan, Kira Hofmann, Shawn Maclaine, Warren McClelland, Shayla Rudd

in between here and now includes an exciting design team of Winnipeg-based artists including Visual Artist, Simon Hughes; Lighting by Hugh Conacher, and original sound by Emma Hendrix. Special thanks to Debbie Patterson who worked with the dancers for Vocal Coaching.

Video and Editing: Landon Lake

About the work:

Exploring dynamics of perception and desire, the dancers become their own searchlights – searching for contact, while at the same time, letting the feelings they feel wash over them.

The idea of inhabiting an internal and external searchlight cycles throughout the work to create an experience that is relevant to our current times.

"Swaths of laughter are paired with detachment to create an experience that is simultaneously present while also being somewhere else. "in between here and now" is about how we relate to people, things that hold us back from communicating, and about feelings of uneasiness. The in-between-ness of being one place while going somewhere else is something I think many people can relate to. Human beings are meant to be full of emotions. We are also hard-wired to understand how we feel." - Jolene Bailie

Ticketholders will receive a link to watch our online presentation.

Ticketholders may view the online presentation at their convenience between June 10 and July 3, 2022.

Link to view trailer: