La Maison des Artistes Visuels Francophones: Les Baby Blues Exhibition, June 2 - July 30

La Maison des Artistes Visuels Francophones


Annie France Noël

Les Baby Blues

June 2 - July 30, 2022

Les Baby Blues is a collection of photographic works with various interventions that address the postpartum period and the many unspoken aspects of parenthood. A large body of work still in progress, Les Baby Blues is currently divided into three axes: Nutri, Partum, and Fatigue. Nutri touches on the artist's difficult experience with breastfeeding, the obsession with expressing their milk, and the subsequent mourning of her unfulfilled hopes and expectations. Partum is an attempt to understand the traumas and events incurred during labour, delivery, and the hospital stay. Finally, Fatigue examines the mental, physical and emotional exhaustion that parenthood, especially in pandemic times, brings to the parent and the deep desire for care as a caregiver.