Jane’s Walk - Stop # 1

Welcome! In the spirit of Jane’s Walk, this virtual tour will take you on a journey to discover the ways that public art and architecture can capture our histories, engage our stories, and share our perspectives. We’ll look at different approaches to creativity and reflect on our personal responses. 

The tour was designed so that you can engage with each artwork right from the comfort of your home! Each stop on the tour includes images and audio plus some links if you wanted to learn more about each topic. However it would also work well to walk or bike the roughly 3.5 km route and use the audio/video as your guide.

At the bottom of each page is a link to the next stop. Follow the links through the tour.

Stop 1Phare Ouest, by Marcel Gosselin, 2018

Location: Taché Promenade, (Taché between Rue Despins and Avenue de la Cathédrale)

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Phare Ouest (Far West) 
Grey Nuns in Manitoba