Winnipeg Arts Council

Final Report Guidelines

Upon project completion, all recipients of Winnipeg Arts Council Grants are required to submit the appropriate form along with:

  • a brief narrative description of the project undertaken, noting any variances from what was approved in the original proposal, and reflecting on the impact of the grant in terms of:
    • your art form
    • the short- and long-term impact on your practice (artists)
    • your organization and participating artists (organizations)
    • public impact and dissemination
  • a financial statement with actual revenues and expenses (complete the Final Report ACTUALS column on the budget form submitted with your application)
  • samples of printed materials (programs, flyers, brochures) and press materials (articles, reviews) related to the project, along with documentation of credit for Winnipeg Arts Council support of the project
  • jpeg images (300dpi) related to the project for Winnipeg Arts Council public relations use. Please include accompanying image credits: name, description of work/image, photographer, etc.

Download Report Guidelines

When you are awarded a grant, a report form will be included along with your funding agreement and other grant documents. If you do not have this document anymore, please download the version below and include it with your Final Report. Be sure to include image credits on the second page of the document.